Reborn alien eyes?


Anyone know where I can purchase reborn eyes for alternative and alien babies?
I am particularly looking for completely black ones, but also interested in all alternative eyes.



Not sure if these would work.


Actually I think I found some on etsy. Cheers


Try looking for glass eyes or bjd eyes on Ali express. They have all kinds of alternative eyes.


eBay totally!! There are some awesome ones!

#7 These ones are decent! Can’t beat the price!


Didn’t know you could use that type. Would they fit the same as the half round eyes. These seem just flat.
Wondering how I would glue them in place?


They are flat. I’ve only used one pair, but I basically used a bigger size than called for, and backed them up with polyfil. Not going to lie they’re kind of a pain in the butt to work with, but if you want bulk alternative eyes, go for it!


I have these if your interested


The ones that look black are 20mm and the purple are suppose to be 20mm but I think there 18mm. Just never sent them back. Also wanted to do a zombie baby but I just don’t have the imagination lol