Really unique babies (not alternatives)


I am looking for you favorite unique babies. Those that really stand out as looking very different from the rest - the Saskias, the Sansas, the Jocys. While I love the Realborns and the consistent quality of BB kits in general, I feel like they all kind of look the same; they could be “anybaby”. Please include pictures. These can be current kits or SOLE.


This is my all time favorite (besides Romie Strydom silicones). She’s Bibo by Luciana Miglioranzi. I guess she’s not that unique but I really love her. She was my first keeper.



@Peachtree I am with you. I love the unique looking babes. They really get my attention. This is one I’ve loved for a long time…


You mean kits with unique features? I love little Karlos Gall. His limbs aren’t that detailed, and the vinyl is a bit thing in some areas, though. But his little lopsided smile is just so sweet.
Here’s my WIP


I’ve stared at that sweet face so many times! I should get him one day.


@deedee2413 He is on my must have list for when I get good enough!


Yours is really cute.


Omg, how cute. Im new to reborns so I dont know alot of the older kits.


@Rosa05 I’m super partial to the older kits. I started looking at reborns years ago, so they are what got me into it. I could show you Soooooo many cute ones! Look at the Adrie Stoete & Romie Strydom kits…


Will do :wink:


He is too cute. He is exactly what I am looking for. I am new to the reborn world, so I love seeing older kits.


Sydney, an older kit by Adrie Stoete is one of my favorite unique faces. She is one of my keeper babies. I named her Quinn.


OMG @jubileej!!! I love her too. There is something about Adrie kits. Your girl is so sweet!


Thank you Shara!


Something about her face reminds me of Boo from monsters inc. Or Agnes from Dispicable me.
In a good way of course. She’s precious


He’s been around for a while. I remember seeing him when I first started reborning. He’s a limited edition, though. Somehow not that many people snapped him up because he’s been around for years.


I’m hoping I can get my hands on him relatively easy. There’s just something about him. :blush:


My little Huti baby NoNo. She’s not assembled yet. Just stuffed and fluffed. I need to adjust her skin tones.



@DancesWithDolls Has several unique ones she is a super fan of Huti babies.


I like quirky looking babies and Sandy by Sheila Michael was one of my favorites…

I also really loved Tessa by Sebila Bos.

And Luka by Rachel Maynard