REALLY loving Megan by Pat Moulton!

I think she is amazing and the limbs by Denise Pratt go great with her! Can’t wait until she comes out!!!

Me, too! She’s a definite with me!

I know…I agree, I will definitely be getting 1 or 2 of her once she’s out!! She’s my fave of the new sculpts that were just posted.

She is adorable!

That’s funny. I was just drooling of her pictures not 2 minutes ago. Hadn’t realized Denise Pratt sculpted the limbs, but those little feet get me every time. This kit isn’t even listed in their ‘out of stock kits’ post, so I’m assuming we might be in for a long wait (remember Blaze? he seemed to take forever). Still, can’t stop looking at those pictures, and can’t wait until she comes out!

I love her little face! And lips

She is adorable but only 16 inches. I love Pratt limbs!

I love those limbs too. I find myself looking for great limbs over great faces lately. this baby has both