Really long shot, but ISO

I’m looking to buy a Maddie or Sue Sue. If anyone has a kit that they’re willing to part with. Thank you!

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Sorry…Im wrong…Maggi appears to be sold out there as well. There is a wait list on Macphersons though.
You did want Maggi, right…or do you want Bonnie Brown’s Maddie?

Oh, I found 2 places still selling Maggi on preorder…I think this one is in Spain, Ive bought from them before.|
also in the UK

Thanks for responding! I do want Maddie Brown. I know she’s on preorder but I already have 2 other kits on preorder and I’m impatient. Lol! I guess I can wait…I have nothing but time right now. :laughing:


Do you know when Maggi will be in stock? I preordered her from irresistibles :heart:

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I dont know, everything is slowed down. Hopefully soon, I cant wait to get a hold of my 3, I went a little overboard :wink: . I finished painting the first of my two Sue Sue’s, shes going to be a red head. I saw yours she looks great, what colour will her hair be?

Sorry @Boymom3 when I saw Sue Sue my mind went directly to Maggi. I hope you can find one or they restock soon. Shipping has been very restricted here so I dont know how long all the new doll kids are going to take.