Realborns with coa's 30.00 ea

Daphne available for sale. Among others. They are from a completely smoke free home and have coas

30.00 plus shipping.

I have a Johanna Awake for an Alma, if you’re interested.


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Really? No one has wanted my Johannah. Was on eBay forever. She is first quality and I think I also have eyes I can include with her, and I think she has a body. Let me check. I haven’t painted Alma yet, but have liked some of the ones I’ve seen.

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I love her. I had forgotten that I sold my last kit. Not sure why I did that :joy:
Alma is cute but I have two kits and I’ve painted her several times so the novelty has worn off

Sounds like a good idea that we trade. :grinning:

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Yes that would be great. I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

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Bump :slight_smile: Name your realborn, who might you be needing for 30.00 with coa?


I’ll take Daphne, I’m looking for a couple I’ll PM you to see if you have them :slight_smile:

Updated list $30.00 each all first kits with COA’s


I can ship all 3 in a large flat rate box

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