Realborns On Sale!


Yay! Almost all the realborn kits are on sale! Including Landon which I have been waiting patiently for! Thanks BB! :smile:


Oh dear more shopping :smile:


Bye bye money! It was nice knowing you for this short time…


I just bough 4 on sale last week…they will kill me with their sales😋


Oh man I cannot Spend any right now :frowning:


I just can’t believe it. I just saw Landon and bean. I thought no I can wait- No I’m getting them. However, I was eh hem, indisposed so to speak. I hurry up get ready to order and bam-gone. I’m talking maybe 3 min later. Better late than sorry doesn’t apply here.


I can’t belive they disappeared off sale that quickly! I was checking randomly at 1am and saw the super sale and quickly bought Landon! I’ll let you know if they pop up again, I check way too often :sweat_smile:


That’s what I said lol :laughing:


They were on there last night. So over 12 hours or so…


Landon is on right now


Thank you.i just got him! :grin: