Realborn Sunny kits

Am I the only one waiting for them to go on sale? I’ve been checking the site several times a day to see if they are on sale. Hopefully they will be on sell soon.

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I was really looking forward to her and willing to pay full price because I think I can make an adorable baby with the kit. I paid full price for my first June Awake 7 months because I was too excited to wait for a sale. However, with the artist vinyl kits getting cleared out and the move towards silicone I am thinking maybe I should just paint what I have already and see what happens with vinyl in general-not just BB before I invest more into it.


I have so many kits. I don’t n haven’t ordered any kits lately. I started to pay full price. Then I thought about it. I decided to wait until they go on sale. It’s not like I’m gonna paint them right away. I think vinyl kits will still sale well. Everyone cannot afford to buy silicone kits now. I brought 2 of bb silicone kits. I don’t know if they will ever get painted.


I ordered sleeping Sunny! She’s on sale on the wholesale website, so I got her right away.

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Oh wow