Realborn Steven?

I saw in a old post a brochure of the Realborns and one shown a realborn Steven but I don’t remember seeing a Steven. Am I blind or did he not come out yet?


I don’t recall there ever being a Steven.
Do you have a pic of the brochure? I’m curious now

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I think I remember that. Never came out.

I went and looked up the old threads. Steven is adorable! @bountifulbaby where is he? Can we please have him? :heart_eyes:

Yes ! Please release him ! He’s adorable

Does anyone have a photo they can share please

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Here. I found this on one of the other posts.


Thank you for sharing!! Oh precious!

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Oh my goodness! We NEED him!!! :two_hearts:

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Thank you for posting a photo!
He is super cute, we need him!

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