Realborn SALE-ebration!

We have decided to mark down ALL of our Realborn kits to a regular price of $49.95! We will hold that price as the regular price until at least October 31st.

And to SALEebrate, for the rest of September we have also put ALL of them on sale at 30% OFF of that newly reduced regular price!

When MSRP was $59.95 we would often put the sale kits on for half price, but with the new lower MSRP, we probably won’t be doing that any longer. But they are ALL 30% OFF of the new LOWER MSRP until the end of September! Many of our Realborn kits are in very short supply!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby

P.S. I’ve been asked on this, so I will answer: the average age of the real mothers of our current Realborn offerings at the time their babies were born is 27, and all but three were 20 years old or older. One of those younger three was our daughter Jennie, one was an employee, and another was a friend of employees. All were 18 or older, and all signed model releases for this, including Jennie. We have advertised for some time on our website as well as at a major prenatal ultrasound studio in Utah for models.


Thank you! Just ordered a Sleeping 7 month June and Johanna!


I was so excited to see Ashley on sale and was going to buy her awake and sleeping for my daughter (portrait babies)

I had the brilliant idea to use an amazon gift card since I couldn’t decide between the two I figured with the gift card I’d do both and was bummed to see them at the old price and not on sale. Do they ever go on sale on amazon?

I just got a Joseph Awake. I already have about 10 different Realborns. Take advantage of this SALE There’s a great selection.

Thank you!!! Picked up ten babies! So excited :slight_smile: great selection!

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To bad I don’t get paid till next week since this week babysitting $ going toward car tabs ugh but I still going to save up for the holidays