Realborn Reese Available


I have this little one available for adoption. Boy or Girl the choice is yours. $599.99 + shipping I can do a 5 month payment plan at $119.99 per month with actual shipping charges being added to the final invoice. I also do contracts with all of my clients. Payment through PayPal invoicing.
Sculpt: Realborn Bountiful Baby Reese
Length: 20 inches
Weight: 6 lbs 9 oz
Baby will come home with three outfits of my choosing, diapers, baby bottle, pacifier, toy, baby blanket and accessories
You choose sex of the baby, name of the baby, birthday, and parents for birth certificate
Please either contact me through messenger here or email or call 256-405-4053 if you are interested in adopting this little one.


Beautiful baby


Wow, that hair! Wish I had the money for this cutie!
Good luck with the sale!




Thank you ladies <3