Realborn Leif WIP

I wanted to show case Leif :slight_smile: he is only about half rooted, has anyone ever glued down mohair? This hair was all I had and it does not work well, it’s a really thick hair and does not sit well on the head so I thought about glueing it down but what glue? Will it be to shiny?


He is adorable! He is on my wish list😍

Some people have done it. I think @jlesser has. It’s called applied hair and I believe it’s attached on the outside with sealer, but I think you still have to glue it on the inside.

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When I did it I rooted it, glued as normal then brushed liquitex matte gel onto it with a mascara brush, and smoothed out any area that got too much… etc.


I know I’ve told you before, Jenni, but that hair is AMAZING!

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He looks beautiful

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This was years and years ago but I used mod podge matte



Interesting :thinking: Looks like Faith is getting applied hair.

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He’s so adorable

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I kind of like that idea too. Look of the real hear without a mess!

He’s beautiful :heart_eyes: