Realborn Kit Lot for Sale $110 shipped

$110 shipped for all 3. These are all new, blank kits. Please PM, if interested.
3m Joseph Awake(no COA)
NB Joseph Asleep(with COA)
NB Ashley Asleep(with COA)


@twolipsanddande is looking for 3 month joseph awake!

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Very interested. Still available?

Yes, it is.

If you still have this available on the 6th apr I’ll buy it then…

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Still available

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Are you open to selling individually?

I would be interested in Joseph NB and If that is Ashley Preemie? Your listing states she newborn. But not sure if same one I’m looking for :blush:

I would prefer to sell as a lot. Yes, that is the same Ashley.

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:blush: thank you

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I pmed you :heart: