Realborn® Jennie is Here! Both Jennie Awake and Asleep are Available Now!

We have exciting news!

We have a DOUBLE new release! Realborn® Jennie is now available at: This is the first time we have released both the asleep and the awake Realborns at once! It’s the perfect chance to make them into twins. Jennie Asleep:, and Jennie Awake:

This adorable little lady was welcomed into the world on November 11th, 2017, weighing 8 pounds 12.5 ounces. Yes, that’s right, her 1st birthday is only 2 days away! We thought this would be the perfect time to release her!

Jennie is the granddaughter of Nevin and Denise Pratt, and we are thrilled to share her cuteness with everyone! Also, be sure to check out her real baby video below, found here:

Have a wonderful day!

From all of us at Bountiful Baby


woohoooo how exciting!!! they are all so amazing!

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Happy Birthday pretty girl! :tada::balloon::gift:
I love all the videos of the photo sessions. Jennie is so precious!:heart_eyes:


She’s just so, so adorable! Those faces she makes. :heart_eyes:

YAY…Ive been anxiously awaiting them. Now I just have to wait for Dollsgarden to get them in stock :slight_smile: