Realborn give away winners

@Emilybb I have entered on all the sites listed to win but really am not very familiar with twitter, youtube, google etc. I did open accts on them but not sure how or what to look for if I should be a winner. Is it possible to send notification to winners a few different ways, by email or possibly have a list of all winners on each of the websites to make sure the winners have a better chance to claim their kit? It would be such a shame to win it and not know just because you are not familiar with how the sites work or to win and not know how to claim the kit.

I did the same thing @vcarter. My Google account is a different email address than all the others, and I don’t think I even get notification if someone sends an email. It is one I have NEVER used. I had to register and open a twitter and I don’t do that either?

I will be announcing the winners across all of our social platforms. If you see that you have won and do receive a Personal Message on an account you are familiar with shortly after the announcement, email within 24 hours after you were announced the winner. If we have not made contact with you somehow in someway within the 24 hours after winning, than will another winner be drawn. :smile:

So as long as you are keeping an eye out on one or more of our social pages, including the forum on Sept 12th when the winners are announced, If you win and for whatever reason don’t see a notification because you don’t check an account, you will be able to redeem your prize by contacting

i love to win i love these kits

When will the drawing be done? @EmilyBB

Thank you. Guess I didn’t read that whereever it was posted! Fingers crossed that at least someone I know will win one of the kits.

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Hi Emily,
I am completely lost with this new forum site. I pressed on this page, which says Realborn give away winners, but under these names I only read confusion from them too. Where is the list of winners, and where on earth do you go for personal message? Thanks for your help.