Realborn® Ever Has Arrived! Cutest baby EVER!

Hi Everyone!

The kit we’ve all been waiting EVER so long for has arrived! Realborn® Ever Asleep is now AVAILABLE on our website! You can make her yours here:

Ever’s release is also featured on our homepage now at:

Realborn® Ever is so cuddly and perfect! The way her limbs curl when she is in your arms will melt you, if that sweet little face isn’t already enough to win your heart. She is a new favorite of ours!

Ever’s kit is a small newborn size, approximately 17 inches long when completed. She has full limbs and the most adorable, chubby baby cheeks that you won’t be able to resist! She is sure to be your ForEVER baby!

Bountiful Baby



Got him!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: