Realborn Emmy Question


I just received my Emmy kit and I didn’t realize how massive she is. She looks so small in the pictures, but she’s enormous. So, since he head is so big, it’s already at least 2 pounds, if not more. Should I add weight to the head or keep it unweighted. It’s already pretty heavy, so I’m not sure.


When I’ve done toddlers, and many others do this too, they leave the head unweighed so it will stay up. You can stuff it with polyfil but I wouldn’t add glass beads or anything. I look forward to seeing her done, she’s a cute kit!


Toddlers and older babies, i never weight heads and i always add a “spine” up into the head to keep everything uprite. I have found a short ( 12") dowel rod works well, fiberfill inside head of course. :wink:


I use foam pipe insulation for the bigger babies’ heads. It’s like a swim noodle but narrower. I don’t weight the heads, just stuff with polyfil.


I do mostly toddlers. I just stuff their heads really good with some kind of poly-fil. I don’t put weight in their head. In the arms just to the elbows, and in the legs, just to the knees. I also only put the weight in the butt, so it’s got some weighted feel when you pick the doll up, They feel pretty natural to me when I lift them and they are weighted like this.


how do you bake the giant babies? Emmy’s thighs will never fit in a nuwave?


They actually do fit in a nuwave if you bake one limb at a time :joy:


Did you use 2 extender rings to bake Emmys parts??


I plan to make her with air dry paints. :slight_smile: So I’m not sure if they fit or not. You could probably do them one at a time like he suggested!


Thanks everyone for the advice! :slight_smile:


I just use a conventional oven for them, and watch it carefully.


I’m sure you can use a heat gun too, if you’re careful. :slight_smile:


I do not trust the heat gun!


Reborn Daddies!!! Right on! I love boys who love babies. Welcome. Hey did you put that giant leg in the nuwave? If you did then I am totally going to paint her when I get back from my holiday. What about her head, did you need another ring?