Realborn Ashley, christmas baby!

Good evening! :sparkles:

I always feel so lucky when I get the chance to compare a blank kit next to a painted like this! I always get amazed… !

This is my first Ashley! It is a custom baby made as a boy… :blush:
What do you think of him?

You find me at

Thank you very much! :sparkling_heart::kissing_closed_eyes:


So adorable! She looks so real!

Love her! She’s beautiful!

I love her- her mottling is perfect and I love her rooting!

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Absolutely gorgeous! :two_hearts:

A beautifully created baby.

Great job what a beautiful baby!!

Very cute, the rooting looks great!
I always love pictures of blank vs painted kits, it really shows how much work goes into making a reborn!

Your Ashley look so lifelike, beautiful beautiful job!

Amazing, and your rooting is incredible!

Beautiful baby ! She looks real !


Great job! The hair is fantastic looking.

I love it!! Your rooting is amazing!!


Oh my goodness! That’s one beautiful baby. The rooting is amazing and he looks SO real. He’d fool anyone who didn’t know they were looking at a doll! Gorgeous work.

Stunning! Your rooting is fabulous.

Amazing baby…her hair is beautiful!


She looks so very real!