Realborn Ana WIP CC welcome


Beautiful Job!!!


She’s beautiful!:heart_eyes: I have her in my bb cart lol. I feel the Same way, that I’m not progressing and they dont’ turn out right.


May I ask what that would do please? :slight_smile:


Thank you! :two_hearts:


Thank you! :two_hearts:


@Vanniek Let me say, her realborn Ana looks fantastic.
No question. However, she did ask for CC, and so, I suggested a yellow wash because it would cut down on any excess purple hue and also give the kit a livelier appearance…but you have to do it with very thin layers so that, if it ISN’T NEEDED, there is no “harm” done and you can just blot it off before it dries.


Thank you for your advise! :kissing_heart::two_hearts:


I have bbs yellow. So very bright. Alittle goes a very long way. I might do one wash more on Violet before I’m done. I’m almost there.