Real touch vinyl


I have a potential custom order but the lady is asking if this baby will have soft vinyl like the real touch vinyl. I wasn’t sure what real touch vinyl is so I googled it and it showed Aston Drake babies. I’m not sure what to tell her when she askes if the baby I make from a B.B. kit will be the same pliable vinyl?


I never know what to say when customers ask “how soft is the vinyl?”
So I’ll be following your post.
I really never know how to answer that question.
I say it’s softer than the baby dolls at the store but I don’t know what else to say


It’s definitely softer than a store bought doll, but I’m not sure what the ‘real touch’ vinyl is.
Perhaps she’s just trying to make sure it’s not rock hard?


They are different. Ashton Drake vinyls are a rubbery type vinyl. They are closer in feel to the LDC softline dolls like these:


Thank you that’s helpful! I’ve not painted an LDC kit yet. Do they paint similar to the other vinyl kits?


I just changed the body on Ashton Drake’s Savana. It is softer, with a more rubbery feel. I like the way it feels, but I’m not sure it would hold up as well, to be honest, especially if the doll is getting played with, changed often, etc.


I have seen them in person at doll shows but have chosen not to paint one of the softline kits. I have heard too many people talk about having issues with paints not wanting to stick to them well or not curing well on them (Genesis) so I decided not to even go there.


That’s what I’ve heard about the LDC kits, also.


Tell her that as reborns are painted and varnished to protect them and prolong their lifespan, they will not feel the same as Ashton Drake babies which are essentially play dolls with a silicone-like finish to them. She’ll have to choose! Haha


I think one reason an Ashton Drake may feel softer is there is literally nothing in the limbs (or the ones I have had) but polyfill. I have the glass beads in my limbs which makes the vinyl feel a less soft but to me, more realistic.


Some of the Ashton drake babies heads are rock hard it’s the vinyl with a thick plastic layer underneath it. But the vinyl is a lot more rubbery than regular kits. I prefer regular kits and a head with no plastic in it.