Real born Jade

Realborn Jade
What genesis colors did you use to create it?
If photos would be very useful !! Thanks

I don’t use Genesis, but all babies regardless of kit, will use whatever colors you want depending on skin tone desired.
Example, I’m working on realborn Presley asleep at the moment and this is my guesstimate on each layer for colors
Creases lightly- dirty purple
Red mottle
Purple mottle
Yellow mottle
Blue mottle
Green mottle
Base blushing-light red
Purple wash
Teal wash
Light blue wash
Creases -light red
Blushing -light purple

You’ll also use colors for nails/lips

It’s all about what you want to accomplish, skin tone desired etc

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Everyone’s response will be different since everyone paints differently. Did you have a skin tone in mind? Maybe we could help with coloring if you had an example of what you wanted to achieve

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I have only used the flash 06 but I get too “fake” looking at the photos of the other artists the skin tone is more real

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You can always try the primary method. A lot of artists do it that way.

Maybe your paint needs to be a little thinner.