Real born baby contest. I would love to have one of theses kits to make my own. Just so real unbelievable. Hope to win

Not sure if this is working to apply for the giveaway but would love to be able to win one of these precious little one. I love bountiful baby and the kits are awesome.

Having trouble figuring this out but hope this works as I would love to be the proud owner of one of these precious babies. I love bountiful baby and the great kits and supplies they offer. These real borns are so life like hope to be able to call one if them my own and join my baby collection.

@Corholl You have not posted in the correct spot to be included in the drawing. You will need to go to this thread

and @EmilyBB will need to “lock” this one! Sorry the forum is confusing, you will get used to it.

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I joined the reborn world Afew years ago. Love doing these babies and seeing what they look like once done. Most of them have stayed in my collection since they are so hard to part with. I would feel honored to add one of these precious little ones to my home they are just adorable. Thanks BB for providing us baby lovers with great supplies to make our dreams come true.

I can’t figure out how to enter either @Lindsey’s Lullaby Reborn Nursery. I would love to win one too!

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This has been frustrating for sure. Not an easy site to fiqure out. I am not sure if I have done it right yet. Hopefully they will come up with something easier in the future. Same as you I would love to have one in my home to love. Sorry I can’t help you out as I am just as lost.

I would be honored to be able to reborn one of these beautiful kits! I understand that this is a new process that the kits are being made from and it is very progressive and expensive! I would love to be the Winner of Bountiful Babies Give A Way Contest! My information is as follows: Debbie Uhl-Guerrera
1100 newportville Rd. Apt. 525
Croydon PA. 190021
(215) 781-2397
Thank You!!!

Wrong spot to enter. You must post here: REPLY HERE to be ENTERED into the Bountiful Baby Realborn Give-A-Way Drawing!

@dguerrera. @Corholl @Lindsey56

I would be more than honored to be the Winner of Bountiful Baby’s Give A Way Contest! This is truely the only place I shop for my Reborn Kits and my supplies. I have been following the news on your new dolls like Presley and Asher! I understand the process they go through is very progressive as well as expensive. I would love to use all of my skills to be able to bring one of these kits to life! I would be more than happy to send in the pictures to BB and make you as proud as I will be!!
Debbie Guerrera

Pia seems I just don’t know where to go. I open the link but must not be opening right things as when I think I have posted it is not right. I would love to be entered but about to give up.

I would love to win one of the real born babies they are just adorable. I would love to add to my reborn family. They are so real looking and the delicate features are outstanding.

Hi Everyone, click HERE to go to the correct post to reply to, to be entered into the contest.

For everyone that has already replied to to this post, because I can only quote a reply and not completely move it to a different topic and still have it show it was posted from your username, unfortunately, you will have to re-comment onto the correct post.

Again, click HERE to go to the correct post to reply to, to be entered into the contest. You only have to reply on the correct topic once to be entered so if you’ve already replied you do not have to reply again. :smile:

DON’T FORGET! - The other requirement to being entered into the drawing through the forum as well as replying to the correct post, is to go to each of our Realborns and click the EMAIL ME WHEN RESTOCKED button and put in your email.

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