Ratio of water & medium to air dry paints


I am going to try using air dry paints for the first time. I have Special Care brand of air dry paints. Based on what I have read so far, you mix a pea size amount of paint with equal parts of medium and water. Does anyone know how much water and medium to mix with a ‘pea’ size amount of paint? What kind of medium do you mix with the paint? I read that a bonding medium makes paint stick and ‘slow dry’ medium extends the drying time. Can you mix both with the paint? Do you apply a sealer coat between each coat of paint? If so, how long do you allow each coat of paint to cure before adding the sealer coat and how long do you allow the coat of sealer to cure before adding the next coat of paint? Any advice will be helpful.


Here is a little help!

Oops that isn’t the one I was looking for BRB with another link. You need this one anyway, lol.
There is a recipe somewhere, I just couldn’t find it.


Doesn’t Special Care Nursery paint have their own mediums?
I know there are a lot of tutorials online.


This should help you.


@Lil and @anjsmiles Perfect!