Rant- bad luck baby

So just a little rant here. I’ve been working on Tatiana Schick. I wanted her for a while and she’s a super sweet kit.

However, she’s been fighting me at every turn. Her painting didnt go as I wanted; every color looked way too thick or way too thin so I had to keep correcting her coloring, I couldn’t get her lips the color I wanted, when I tried to correct a small bit on her upper lip I took way too much paint off, her eyes wouldn’t stay in the position I wanted them…
Just now I was gluing on a wig (I would never finish rooting that giant, hard head). I prosponed for a while because I was afraid of messing up again, but then I told myself “get over it, it’s just glue! You’ve done this before!”. So I got to it, and of course, I messed up again. I got the wig in the right position and then realized I’d gotten glue all over the back of her hair…
I rushed to the bathroom to rinse it out with warm water. She’s now got a hat and a headband over her head to hopefully keep the wig in place. I will wait a few days to make sure the wig is secure, but I fear it’ll be lopsided or something. And then I’ll need to cut her hair…

I’ve just had such bad luck with her. This hobby is fun but my goodness can it be frustrating sometimes! Makes me feel like a total failure sometimes. :persevere:

Go read my post about Grace. Sometimes this worst mishaps end up with the best results. :wink:


That’s a beautiful story. You’re right though, who knows what’ll happen in the end.


The Grace story is wonderful. It may not make you feel any better, but I ruined my Huxley’s body last night. I decided that the limbs did not turn well enough and when I was clipping the zip tie I cut the fabric. Luckily I have another body, but man am I mad at myself!

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It does kinda help to know I’m not just an incompetent fool and everyone struggles sometimes, haha.

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I have struggled with Miles, an Easton Head and Riley, lol! Miles is gone with the wind, Easton and Riley Boy went to good homes. My first Riley (Girl) is still with me. I am sprucing her up to be a display baby.

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