Raising money for ROSE... Kits for SALE (some pics added)


BB Crawling Kenzie kit added to the list… I have been editing the list as things sell so if it it is still listed, it is still available.

Thank you!



Do you have a photo of Benjamin? Thanks!


The kit is at the top of my bedroom closet and my hubby is sound asleep but here is a photo of the kit that I found online -



Is the lot of random limbs still available?


They are pending payment but if they fall through, you will be next in line.


Thank you! I have a few heads on their way so I need limbs lol. The mis-match would be ideal. If they do fall through, I probably want some belly/front plates as well. Just looking to build up a stock of supplies, I started a year ago in my spare time but just found out I have a brain tumor (not cancer thank god) and lupus. Since I no longer work, I have lots of time to paint!!
Let me know if you end up with any leftovers, thanks so much!


All of the tummy plates have sold… I’m still waiting on the limbs.


Sorry to hear of your Illness but happy that you have more time to do what you love.


Thanks dear, it isn’t the ideal situation but I will make the best of it


I’m sorry… the random limbs were just paid for. Was there anything else you were interested in?


Thanks! I’m looking for awake kits. Cutie though!


Im not sure hun, what is left? I dont see where any are marked sold or available


I have been removing items as they sell so the list should be current.


carmen,para benjamin tenes cuerpo de paño? consulta, los kit que te quedan traen coa/


Silvana -

He modificado el primer post para mostrar cuales kits vienen con COAs y cuales vienen con cuerpos de paño. Si aparece “COA” puesto en la lista con el kit, entonces viene con él. Si aparece “cloth body”, entonces viene con un cuerpo de paño.

Benjamin viene con un cuerpo de paño.



For our English-speaking members -


I modified the first post to show which kits come with COAs and which come with cloth bodies. If “COA” appears on a list with the kit, then it comes with it. If “cloth body” appears, then it comes with a cloth body.

Benjamin comes with a cloth body.

Thank you!