Raffle cautionary tale

I met one of my YouTube follower today, she is just beginning to paint. She recently had a terrible experience with a Facebook raffle. I mean, horrible, really.

The 1st prize was a monkey. She wanted one for a long time, so she bought two slots for 20$Cad each. The second price was a reborn…at least that’s what it was supposed to be.
She (unfortunately) won the 2nd price.
I just wanted to say that the doll (if you can call it like that) was presented in a blanket, with hat and pacifier.

So she was told that she has to pick it up in person (a 3h-4h drive total). Her husband agreed to go with her.

I must add that before hand she discusses the process of painting with this “artist” and was told to use cheap craft paint and kits from AliExpress…

When she looked at the doll, on her way back…

And she shows me some videos

Oh and it’s of course a fake kit, well, parts of a few different kits I guess!

Her and her husband (who takes time off for her) where angry, to say the least !

She learned after that how to properly paint a reborn with the right furniture and avoid fake kits.

Just to say that be careful with raffle, it may be a good way to get a reborn but like buying, you MUST ask questions and get clear pictures !

Anyway I talk way too much, sorry, I am very tired :yum:


That doll’s awful. I wouldn’t want it if it was given to me.


She says that her granddaughters are afraid of it :grimacing:

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Smart granddaughters.



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That’s terrible. She should be a shamed of herself offering that doll as a prize.


The other ones she makes are not a lot better, and, she teach her method :flushed:


Looks like she has a new Halloween prop!


Oh my goodness!!

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I’d be afraid of it too :rofl: my goodness


I wish I could show the videos of it, I have never seen something like that.

That baby is trash worthy…Not sure how you could teach a “method” like that, as my 4 year old grand little could paint a better baby than that! Yikes! How frustrating to have spent money and time driving so far.

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She had at least teach an other lady, who now does the same “style”, with of course, counterfeit. And she put that in her listing, that they are counterfeit…both have been bash a lot in some Facebook groups.


For good reason!


The person doing the raffle needed to be transparent and people participating need to read, watch, and ask.

I did a raffle last year. It was a prototype I did for an artists who is actually on this forum. I donated the money to St. Judes Childrens Hospital (and provided the documentation to prove that I did). I provided photos of the doll I raffled, sold tickets for a modest amount. I also announced the winner and she provided a video of the doll she won.

Anything less than that is a scam in my opinion.


I have met with the lady who won this monster. She had bring it. Way worse in person ! She has painted it the night before the raffle. Veins everywhere, in the face, it’s ink pen. Stain and paint missing. Newborn head with 16" doll’s limbs.

We open it. I have never saw a doll weighted with lavender bath salt before (in plastic bag) :flushed: and loose litter sand in the limbs and head :grimacing:


Oh good gravy didn’t think it could get worse and then it did!


Me neither!

:scream: She should post those pictures on that raffle group :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: