R8ngs and plugs


I do not glue mine either. Some times I use a strip of moleskin around the plug to anchor in the plug though if it is loose.
Like this… though this picture was just an example and it wasnt actually stuck down yet. I normally do a strip. And twist and turn the plug until it goes in then the flange edge stays in the “groove”


Great tip, thanks. Pics always help, can get quite wordy sometimes to try explain even the simplest thing


Yes @Reefbubbles I use rings on the limbs sometimes. I am scared of glue, too clumsy.


Going to look into this now


Some of the kit listings on BB even tell you what size ring should fit the legs or arms


@Vanniek how do you use the top coat? I am interested to hear how that works. Might be something for me to consider as well. Thanks!


@deedee2413, how does this work, putting super glue on the doll? I would like to know and maybe consider for myself. Thanks! :slight_smile:


@Mommarobin I feel that the rings are the least expensive thing that we purchase for the dolls. After all the work and time, and money, I put into the dolls, I want them to be able to pose easily. So, I figure another $.59 or $.69 is not enough to keep me from using them. :slight_smile:


I put some superglue into the rims, a thin layer going all the way around. This makes the surface smoother and the cloth body glides easier across it.


@deedee2413 Thanks! I see now what you were saying. :slight_smile:


I Just saw this message. Just get any glossy top coat $ tree is fine :). Instead of placing the ring in the flange, top coat in side once or twice, let dry and assemble…works like a Charm! :slight_smile: A good friend told me about it!


Sounds cool! Thanks.


That’s how I feel…they’re not that expensive