R8ngs and plugs


Do you buy rings for ever doll you make? Are they necessary?


I don’t, as not all kits have rings.
Now I just use some superglue on the rims and let dry, it makes them turn perfectly.


I do. I also buy extras and use them in non BB kits that dont tell you what you need. Macphersons just recently started giving the option to add plugs and rings to some kits.

I think there has only been like 3 that I have made havent had plugs or a ring. But not all the same doll… maybe one didnt fit arm plugs, another no neck ring, etc


I’ve been buying and us8ng them…but just didn’t know if they were necessary. Guess I’ll continue :slight_smile:


I use them. I just bought a bunch in each size so I always have them on hand whenever I need them. On the old site there used to be a discount for ordering more than 30, but they don’t seem to have it anymore since they started the new site. Unless someone knows how to get it and I just don’t?


They do now have a variety pack though. It was on sale last time I looked… it is 4 of each plug size and 3 of teh rings


I haven’t ever used them or plugs. I seal mine with moleskin and have never had a problem without the rings.


I would have ordered them but I do not use plugs any more. I do use the neck rings and rings on legs if I feel they are needed.


I also was wondering if anyone could tell me if you should or must glue the plugs in? I like always using a plug I feel like the rigid ness it adds to the vinyl helps my zip tie sinch in a way I feel like the limbs cannot come off as easy…maybe just a theory not sure if it is true or not


I always use the adhesive


I never glue my plugs in. I just make sure it’s a snug fit. :wink:


Hmmm never saw that variety pack before, thanks Jenni :grinning:


I don’t glue the plugs in, they are usually snug and would not just fall out. I also feel like the plug adds extra support to the limb when attached to the body, the ring especially on the neck helps this.


I always use neck rings, and if they don’t have a connection at the shoulders and hips already, and I can get the sizes for those, I use those, too. For me, they just make the posing easier. As for the plugs, I did use them for a while. but then I read from a pro that she did not purchase them, but made little cardboard discs and glues them over the limbs inside. I like that idea and I think I will try it.


I use the plugs. I’ve tried the rings but its so difficult to get those on that I just don’t use them. For my personal dolls I allow the cable tie to be just loose enough the head and limbs can easily turn and pop off and back on easily for maintenance.


Same as Jean…it’s an unnecessary expense. Use moleskin instead of plugs and dollar tree top coat in place of rings. One coat does the job and works amazing.


I did like @quiltsabunch, I always buy rings when Im shopping in different sizes…I only use them for the necks. I also have some plugs laying around that I try to find matches for but if not I use the cardboard disk trick I got from watching @JenLen. I don’t glue anything either just in case someone wants to re weigh their doll.


That’s one thing I was thinking too is once it is glued there is no was to ever make any adjustments weight wise.


That is what I do as well.


So you can us rings like the neck rings and use them on the limbs…