R.O.S.E. 2015 Teacher Lineup!

ANNOUNCEMENT! We are proud to announce that the Class page is COMPLETE for now! We may consider additional classes. Here is the Teacher Line up for 2015 Hope you are excited as we are! Debbie Jadick
Lorna Miller Sands Intermediate Sculpting Booth 107
Nicole Russell Painting Caucasian Newborn Skin Tones with GHSP Booth 70
Kate Charles Advanced GHSP African American Skin Tones Booth 53
Jodie Lombardo Beginners GHSP African American Skin Tones Booth 40
Adriana DeSimone Hair Painting with GHSP Booth 48
Susan “Pudditat” Jimenez Gibbs Hair Rooting Booth 49
Debbie Henshaw Make the Switch to Air Dry Paints Booth 45
April Yap Advanced Air Dry Painting Booth 59
Lara Antonucci Silicone Painting Booth 47
Welcome to the show ladies! What a line up!!!
To view the class information, photos and to purchase the class please visit: http://www.roseinternationaldollshow.com/Classes.html