R.E.A.L. Winter Class Allison in the works!

Here is the baby I am making for this Winters peaches and cream class.
Hope you like her so far!

Class info
http://www.angelsinwaitingnursery.com/r … lasses.htm

She’s adorable! I love her complexion.

she is adorable! what sculpt is she? dying to see here when she is done. good luck, she is a winner to me.

Thank you! She is Sebilla Bos new Allison kit.

I love the bos kits. They are so cute. They just sort of grow on ya. Yours is turning out very cute.

Oh my goodness Lara… She is so adorable, love that little face! So glad you posted her on here, you have helped me make up my mind on which one I want to do. I love her expression, this will be my first Bos doll and I am so excited. I have really enjoyed your class, can’t wait until the (Winter) class starts.

She is beautiful, love that sculpt.

     Hugs Tina