Quick shots of my Katja

Hi since I was up all night waiting for my grandson to be born I had lots of time to work on Katja. Here are a few quick pictures I took of her. Do you think I should root her some lashes? Wasn’t sure if I should with her eyes. Oh and yes she has purple eyes! Hope you like her.









She’s very pretty:) I would probably not root the eyelashes now but add the strips of lashes that BB sells. Congrats on the real baby, lol

Thank you. I would do that with the lashes but I can’t seem to get them to ever stick right. I will just have to root them.

I couldn’t ever get mine to stick right either. I did finally find a way that works for me. Maybe you’ve already tried this but I soak the lashes in alcohol and pull off the tacky strip that’s on the wrong side of the lashes and then place them in the eye and trim them up to the right length. Then I take a number 2 paintbrush and load it up with Aileen’s (sp?) paper glaze real thick and gently swipe the eye. It takes a while to dry and give you time to mess with the lashes. It also leaves a nice wet look to the eyes and makes them look real. So after using the glaze and take my trimmed lashes and two toothpicks and place them where I want them. Sometimes I have to hold them for a minute or so till the glaze starts to get tacky and they hold.