Quick photo shoot for new little one


1st time trying to sponge paint hair and the 1st boy I’ve made.


You did a fantastic job. This kit makes a great boy and the sponged hair looks perfect.


He is amazing! :heart:


OK. I just have to ask again. Which sculpt is this one?


It’s Fen Yei (is that how you spell it?)

I agree, he makes an excellent boy!


Fei Yen, I believe.


You did a great job.


You know, I should have known that one! :slight_smile:


It’s amazing how they all look when a different artist brings them to life, sometimes they are hard to identify.

@Jacelyn5440 I tried to reply to your last comment, not sure if I did it right. Sorry, still trying to figure this forum out.


I love his hair, good job.


His expression is priceless!!! Good job!


He is precious and you did a great job on his hair!


It’s unbelievable how versatile that kit is! Your little guy looks really great! His skin tones are beautiful and you did a good job with his hair. He looks like a football player in the making!
I don’t know of another kit that can be done so many different ways. There are two of mine and they look nothing like yours or each other but they are the exact same kit. Amazing!


Your fei babies are adorable. He is my 2nd fei and this kit is incredibly versatile, bc my 1st looks totally different.


That’s what I mean, this kit is magic!


Soooooo cute!!!


Darling Baby boy, you did a wonderful job on him. :smile: