Questions about Toddler kit

Hello, I was wondering where I could look into getting a cloth body for the toddler kit Julia by Jannie de Lange which is 26" in length.
It does have full limbs but front facing legs as well which I was wondering if any where else besides Macpherson sells them from where I got the kit.

She needs the lower half torso body with long thighs.

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Lower half torso with long legs? Is it for this kit I am talking about?

Or could you send a link to them?

I think I’m mistaken. I saw a picture of that body that said it was for Julia and showed legs that attached just above the knees but I can’t find it again. See if item# 1645GW will work. If not, can you post a picture of her legs?

I’m painting this kit now. This is the body I received when I purchased from MacPherson. Hope this helps!

Do you not like that body?

Was hoping to find a body like skin tone ones and not just all white is all.

Gotcha. Now I know what to look for.

Oh Yeah I saw that body if its this one?,-full-front-legs.htm

I might go ahead and get this.

Check out item# 10005J and see if you think it would work.

Thank you this is exactly what I was hoping to look for. I’ll be getting this one and see if it works for me.