Questions about Clyde Chimp


I’m going to order him from Macphersons. Does anyone have him? The listing says 3/4 limbs but I though the legs looked full and I can’t find a pic of the blank kit. Also, does BB sell a cheaper body that will fit him? Macphersons bodies are usually a bit more pricey. I love the eyes in the prototype pictured. Anyone know where I can get similar ones? Thank you!


Hi I have him but haven’t made him yet. I bought the BB body for the 17" gorilla for mine, I like the way the legs are set on it. The legs are full as far as I can tell should be fine on the better and cheaper body from BB. The one in MacP is not set the way chimps legs are it is a regular body. I bought the oriental brown from BB for mine but you may be able to find hazel on eyeco or another site. Have fun…


@Shera1 thank you so much for the info! :slight_smile: