Questions about 1st reborn sale

Robin and I are about ready to work on a reborn that will be our 1st sale. We are wondering since we are beginners (so it won’t be TDF) what will make a better sell 1.) an expensive or popular kit? 2.) expensive or many outfits. OR 3.) is it something else that gets a higher sale???

If the answer is 1, what kits seem to sell better for beginners? We bought an Eden kit to use for our 1st sale but we might keep her until we get better.

If the answer is 2, what brands and how many outfits? There is an Anne Geddes store near us that we go to ALL the time. There is a 30% off sale coming up. We were thinking of buying a few outfits from the new pink tiger collection.

If the answer is 3, what else should we focus on that will help with our 1st sale?

Any advice will be welcome!!! TIA!!!

edited because I read your post wrong. I thought you were doing a custom order…

Think about what about the price that your customer will be willing to pay. If you order an expensive kit and dress the baby with several expensive outfits, you would have to charge more to get your costs back, and your customer may not have wanted to pay that much for a baby.

I would get a kit that is easy for you to do. A good neutral color, a soft vinyl for the rooting, maybe a sleeping baby so you don’t have the extra worry setting eyes or gluing on eyelashes.

Like BB’s deal of the day kits – today’s kit is a peach Connor. He is cute as a bug, in my opinion.

As far as dressing the babies, I always go with less expensive, but cute outfits. I dress them to look like babies- in sleepers, play clothes, simple dresses. If your future customer wants a frilly dress or maybe a christening outfit, those have a bearing on your final cost. Plus, the new mommy loves to shop for their new baby. One lady says her baby she bought from me has a whole closet full of clothes.

Do kits that are cute to you, easy to do, and dress them how you like them. Keep track of your costs and then price the baby accordingly.
Have fun!

I think the best way to sell in the beginning is just your asking price. Start small. If you cover your expenses you are ahead. This is the only hobby I know of that pays for itself. You will be able to ask more once you get a few sales under your belt and as you improve your skills. As a beginner I offered 2 - 3 cute outfits with the babies. I also would start with cheaper kits, that way you don’t have as much money in the baby. Pictures are the key. Study auctions on ebay and photos on BB site and see how the babies are posed and what looks good and what doesn’t

Best of luck on your first sale!

so far the advise I am reading is right on…as beginners you can hope just to recover your cost and as you get better (and you will if you study)…your profit margin will increase. There is a lot of compitition out there and in these economic times people are being very choosy where they put their money. Stay with the less expensive kit and shop the sales. You will then be able to recover your cost. Then as you begin to have more profit reinvest in more expensive items. Let you doll profits dictate where your price range for kits are.

This may seems so obvious but I think the babies that sell for the most lookand are treated like real babies because women arent buying a cute doll they want a “real” baby.
Get kits that look the most realistic and pose them to look like a real baby would. Play along with this “real” baby fantasy- I know easier said than done.

I see alot of red faced, black unibrows, stiff haired dolls that dont sell. They are pictured laying like a doll splayed out on a big bed with the camera pointing up their noses.

I dont think an expensive kit and expensive clothes will make a sale if the baby doesnt look real.

Just my thoughts

There is ALOT of WONDERFULL advice. Thanks SOOOO MCUH ladies. We will DEFINATLY use your advice (it has NEVER failed).

Here is the old English teacher coming out. When you list your baby, be sure to check spell check on your computer! When I read a description with lots of spelling and grammatical errors, I tend to drop interest. In fact, I check spell check on each of my posts. Every little thing can add up to a sale! Good luck.

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Jean I like you,

My son’s principal used to send home school notes with bad spelling and bad english. It drove me crazy that such an idiot was in charge of my son’s education.

We live in a very small town and he was promoted from gym teacher to principal without a degree.


— Begin quote from “Jean the baby lady”

When you list your baby, be sure to check spell check on your computer!

— End quote

Spelling and grammar errors 100% turn me off! I’m also a teacher, but even before I was, it already made me shiver…

It’s a public auction, people from all over the World read as you describe your beautiful baby… You spend so long “paying attention to every little detail” of that doll and when it’s time for you to sell it, you don’t give ANY attention to your description? No, no, no!

Anyways, I agree with most: for the first few, we’ve got to be glad just to cover the initial costs. If it sells for a few bucks more than that, save them for the next one!

When it comes to the auctions itself… Posing: newborns sitting down are out of the question. Ten pictures of the same part of the baby’s body, in the same position, in slightly different angles: why?! Show a little bit of everything. Lighting: what’s with those yellowish-brown picture, taken at night, without a flash? Let’s wait for daylight.

Okay, I’ll stop. I could go on and on (after 5 years of watching reborn auctions, dying to get myself one)!

I just did something I have never done - I read your first post and skipped all the rest of the replies and responded.

I like Anne Geddes - and I’ve loved some of her art- I have no idea what her clothes look like… but…

I paid $750 plus for a reborn because I liked the clothes and I didn’t complain, nor send her back. I couldn’t get the clothes anywhere else and the reborn looked great, in the pictures, but was chalky in person. I still have her and love the Biscotti clothes. I don’t hate the reborn - but I don’t love her either - sorry -tough talk.

Clothes do make a difference and I live in a ‘backwater section of the south, where I don’t have a shopping opportunity’ - I know that is not really a quote but I made it one.

Clothes make a difference but they won’t overcome ‘orange babies and ruby lips, with bangs hanging down to below their eyebrows’. “Seen those, didn’t buy”.

You two have been asking all the right questions and that is the best path you could have.