Question to anyone who has done Aspen Rose

This one is a very different color from the kits Im used to. I do mainly BB kits so they are PINK to peach and this one is a very Yellowish/orange. I read where you can use “periwinkle” to counter act Orange but this isnt even what I would call Orange.
If you did one what worked for you? and isnt periwinkle a light purple??

The vinyl is actually pretty neutral once you start…I did my flesh tones first and don’t remember having to do any washes. If I did it was not many! Periwinkle is a mix of blue and purple. I did Aspen Rose and Vaile and loved them both!

I think she will be pretty once done BUT BOY SHE HAS A BIG HEAD! Its going to take some time rooting. Maybe its time to try painted hair? LOL

My Vaile was my first keeper ever and yes they have big heads! I got a little lazy on the back of mines head and one day need to add a bit more hair because it is too sparce! LOL!

I have a Vaile that I haven’t started yet. How big is the completed doll? I agree, that head looks huge LOL, but she will be a keeper and I love her little mouth.