Question on how much to charge to paint doll


I have a question. I have someone that was wanting to pay me to do a doll for them. I have no idea how much to charge. Any ideas on how I would price that


It varies by kit price, supplies needed, and experience and time.

If you are just starting out I would only charge for supplies and kit.

If you have experience a little more.

If you root, a little more, if you root WELL, add more. (rooting is one thing, rooting realistic is completely different) :wink:


Thanks. I’m just starting out but also do portrait art so I like to take my time with details. My first doll had painted hair because I was a afraid of the roofing ha. I’m working on realborn sleeping Clyde doll so maybe I will get the courage eek. Probably should have started of dolls that I’m not quite so ocd about lol. This is Jospeh.


If that’s your first baby you don’t need to discount at all. Painted blonde hair is difficult to do and yours is very realistic. If your customer wants a sleeping newborn with painted hair I think you should charge at least $300. Open eyes and/or rooted hair add more. If you’re only going to paint it and not include body, weighting, hair and assembly charge the amount less that those would cost.


He is gorgeous


Thank you so much.


Thank you!!


Lovely baby… As a new artist, I would charge supplies + $200.00 for a painted hair baby and add $200 if you are rooting and can do a great job rooting. If you root poorly, I don’t think you should offer to sell a rooted baby. (That is an awesome first baby).


Thank you. I’m determined to get this rooting process accomplished lol