Question about type of hair to use on toddler

I am making my Mom a toddler for her Birthday. I am finished painting her, but now I don’t know what to root her with. Do I use human hair or mohair ? The toddler is suppose to be around 12 months.

Thanks for the help :smile:

Although I’m new at this, being a mother of 4 gives me a little insight on this topic. At 12 months babies typically still have baby fine hair. Unless you would be using human hair from a very you child, I would say that mohair might be better.

@sugargliderus has mohair that is a bit coarser than some of what you can buy. It might be from an adult? My experience with the straight/slightly wavy that I have bought from Carolyn is that it is just a bit less fine. Ask her if she has something that would work well for your toddler?