Question About String Bodies

I used a string body for A reborn. I’m not really a fan of them. They are a little difficult. So basically the arms only stay in the up position or they stick off. I’m actually not sure if it is a stuffing issue. But can I pull the string out and replace it with a cable tie instead? I wanted to ask before I removed the string. Thank you.

Absolutely yes, you can definitely do that…I do it with any body that has string ties…cable ties are much more secure… :wink:


Thank you.

You are very welcome

I buy the string bodies and replace with cable ties. I give the strings to my hubby to use. Yesterday, he told me he didn’t want any more of them because they break. Eeek! Imagine a baby head falling off and freaking out a mommy! :open_mouth: So glad all my babies have the cable ties!


Thank you. I brought a bunch of cable ties. I was scared that the arms my fall off. They don’t seem secure. I was like going to do away with the bodies. But I will put the strings out.

I specifically buy the bodies with the string ties so I can put the baby together to make sure it feels good then I replace the string with cable ties. It’s less expensive that way, too!


I usually buy the string bodies because they are cheaper, and then I replace the string with cable ties. You can get cable ties fairly cheap!