Question about Red Ruby Mohair in Auburn and the Monkey kits


Does anyone know if the Auburn Straight “NuBorn Mohair” is too orange/red to look right on a baby Orangutan?


I think it is. I used it on this baby.

I have a little bit left if you want to see it you are welcome to it.


I see that wouldn’t work. Thanks for posting!


Angie, I know you are probably serious about this question, but it gave me a big chuckle.

I have no idea what color Orangutans are, except the ones in your picture. Is this a Wikipedia question? Okay, I just was doing a bit more thinking and you need to see a picture of the mohair next to a picture of the Orangutans, or better yet real ones. Hopefully someone here has Zoo access.

Now I’m thinking the babies may be a different color than the mature and even more different than the aged ones. Also there could be great variety between families, or clans or groups - sorry I didn’t take zoology or sociology in college.

Now the Rhesus monkey I know a lot about… Got a thimble to put it in?

Forgive me if your idea of humor doesn’t match mine.


As soon as I posted I saw the post above with the ‘not so red’ mohair.

Well here I am back with my brainstorming ideas. Angie you dye mohair - could you do it yourself? If you don’t have straight raw mohair I suggest you research and see if there are any curly headed monkeys or whatever species these sculpts may be in.

I’ll look through my raw mohair and see if any seems to be straight enough to work for your project.


Yes, I will probably wind up dying my own. I haven’t ordered the kit yet. I was waiting to see if I needed to get the mohair here too because I know that the Ruby Red mohair is more coarse and stands out so it would probably make great monkey hair. I think what I might do is to buy the blonde and experiment with dying it using a combination of auburn and brown acid dye I have here.

I am apprehensive about doing one of these monkeys but believe it or not, my husband wants one! I was also thinking about what a pain it must be to try to get down inside the limbs with a brush to seal the the mohair on the inside! LOL!


Angelas817 has some hair specifically called Orangutan Orange. I had asked her about it for a doll, but she said it was for the orangutan kits, and it for sure wouldn’t look good on a baby! Check it out! Hope this helps


Yes, I saw that. I gotta get a baby sold before I can buy anything though, including the kit. I think I want to try dying the RR blonde to the color I need. I want it to be coarse so it won’t matte up easily with handling.


You know, the more I look at these and think about it the more I am leaning towards the idea of making mine a chimp instead. That way I can buy the black mohair. Looks like skin tones vary on these babies too from very fleshy colored to almost black in places.


I noticed the difference in ear size. The kits have the tiny ears like the orangatan. On the BB site they are quite brown.

In Wikipedia I found a Capuchin monkey that has blond, brown and dark brown hair and small ears. The White-Fronted Capuchin has a lot of blonde. This species is rather pretty.


I used it on my Shyanne below. Too red for you I think.


Oh, you are right about the ears are probably too small. Hmmm. I guess Gorilla is the only other possibility.


Angelas817 has awesome hair


Yea, if I need to I will get it from her but I will probably try to dye the RR blonde to see how it goes first, if I do indeed decide to tackle one of these monkeys!