Question about preemie gear

Had a customer asking:
“ I was wondering if you knew a site that sells medical gear like feeding tubes, oxygen, and heart monitor? “


I sell a cannula and O2 tank on I am working on some new IV bags also.


Makes me concerned. Is this person going to use this stuff for a scam. With the way people are today I am suspicious of most people.

Ty! I’ll be ordering from you in a month…she wants Blessing made with the hospital stuff

I ordered from Nona’s Angels (I think that’s what it the sight was called) for someone who wanted a preemie, in the likeness of their preemie angel, with a nose cannula.

@pschomaker Can you please let us know whey they are ready and can you post a link to where you are selling them?

Here is the cannula.

I am waiting for a part to arrive so that I can finish my IV bags. The set has the IV bag, tubing which connects to a fake “needle” which is attached to a band that goes onto the arm or leg. I will post when they are ready. Thanks for your interest.

I have finished the prototype and am ready to create my listing. I am letting you know first since you were interested. Thanks BTW because that encouragement helped get me going on this. I will list the set for $24.00. Hope that’s not too much. All the pieces are from different suppliers and it all adds up.