Question about open mouthed babies

Hi everybody!
I’m just starting reborning and have ordered my first kit, Ella! I received her today and can’t wait to get started but I refuse to start until I get all the information I think I need. I’ve watched dozens of tutorials, scoured the forum here for tutorials, etc, to no avail.

Ella is an open mouthed baby. Her tongue is quite visible. What color and steps do you suggest I take to make the tongue realistic looking?

I would like to know too. I have a couple of open mouthed babies to do but don’t know if you do the tongue a different color than the lips or what?

Hello and welcome to reborning!!! If you have the Bountiful Baby premix Genesis Heat Set Paints, just use 1-3 layers of the nail, lip blush color. I have only reborned 4 babies so far so that might not be the right answer, but it has worked for me. Also, dont forget to put the air dry gloss on the mouth and lips after your very last bake of your baby. I can’t wait to see the progress of your 1st baby. BOL!!!