Question about everyone's return policy

How many of you include a return policy in your Ebay auctions and how many of you list no returns accepted for your auctions? I was just curious if anyone does the no returns accepted.

I accept returns minus the shipping charges within three days of receiving the baby. I think according to ebay’s policy you have to accept returns. So, even if you say you don’t accept them ebay will allow for the buyer to get a refund and return the item.

Actually, there is an option when setting up your auction to choose no returns accepted. Currently I have mine set up like yours. It is true that if a buyer files a dispute with Ebay and Ebay finds in their favor they can get a refund anyways. Also, even if I changed mine to “no returns” and I had a legitimate request to accept a return on a doll I would.

I was just thinking about changing mine to a no returns policy to discourage the freak buyers.

Yes, the buyer can file a dispute and you will be out all the money and shipping. In some cases they might make the buyer pay shipping, but that is unusual. That is the reason I state in the auction that I will accept returns minus shipping. I would hope that would appease most buyers without having to file a dispute. I stinks that ebay has its sellers in such a bind.

I have just had a situation that has made me wonder if I should put in a no returns policy even though I would accept a return if a buyer nicely requested it.

This is just my opinion. I think a Return Policy shows that the Artist is willing to stand behind their work and their reputation. I have heard that many buyers will not purchase from someone without a Return Policy so you are potentially hurting yourself while you are trying to protect yourself. Returns are part of doing business. If you are putting out a high quality product you won’t have to worry about Returns on 99% of the items that are being sold. Yes you will have that 1% that are not going to be happy no matter what you do and you will have to offer a refund or a return etc. But that percentage is way smaller than the percentage that you will lose by not offering returns.

I totally hear what you are saying Debra. That has been my feeling as well that a no returns policy would discourage buyers and maybe look like I had something to hide. Recent events just has made me wonder.

I am just going to leave mine like I have it now with the 3 day return. Thanks for all the input girls!

I have it set in my auctions…No Returns Accepted. I then have in my notes …I will refund if the item was described inaccurately.

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How many of you include a return policy in your Ebay auctions and how many of you list no returns accepted for your auctions? I was just curious if anyone does the no returns accepted.

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I list a return policy & terms. I’ve accepted one return because the buyer didn’t think the baby would be so small auction stated preemie, length and weight one was returned and the buyer had damaged the doll by painting the toenails and I have one on return now for being too red in my opinion this doll was the palest doll I’ve done

All in all I don’t want someone to have a doll they’re not happy with so I’m okay with returns.

I have sold approximately 15 dolls on ebay and for the most part I put returns on accepted. Most of the posts on ebay that I look at say no returns accepted for the reborn dolls. My listings have about 40 pictures and if there is something that I feel should be pointed out to a potential buyer, I am very upfront about it.

I always state please email me if you have any questions or need additional pictures. I state that since this is a one of a kind rendering by me the sale if final. I pack my dolls so carefully that they have always arrived safely. I hope this continues. Also, I say sale is final unless item has been grossly misrepresented by me. I’ve never had any complaints about my babies. Maybe I’ve just been very lucky. Lots of sellers say no buyer regrets please.

What about a return and fix anything that the buyer feels was grossly misrepresented -but no refunds -also I would always take pictures of the doll as you are boxing it up to go and with all the extras and packageing -this could really come in handy in a dispute!!! Also buyer pays shipping