Question about ethnic babies

they make me nervous, lol. As it is, while I’m working on caucasion babies, I’m constantly going over in my head if what I’m doing could be realistic for the skin tone I’m used to, lol. But I SO badly want to branch out and TRY at least. What skin color do you use, when painting a bi-racial baby? And lip color, and what kind of mohair? Curly I would assume, then wet it and style it? I don’t know if I could ever pull one off or not, but I do believe my sells may increase too, as I’ve been asked if I could do ethnic babies. I have so many questions though. Course I guess I had a ton when I started out all too, couldn’t be too much harder could it?

hey Alma…there are alot of really helpful ladies on here, so I’m sure they will be along soon to answer all your questions, Gina has a great Ethnic tutorial in the tutorial section also, but in the meantime Fab and Cindy have started a new forum and it is free to join…they are also several classes that are offered…come over and check it out…and if you decide to take one of the classes, that’s great…if not, there are lots of helpful ladies there who specialize in ethnic babies
here’s the link to more info