Question about Cititoy 2002

You can cut it so that you have just the piece the head attaches to, or take it into Home Depot or Lowes and use a PVC pipe adapter. BB used to sell wonderful neck adapter’s. You can get neck adapters from Doll Dreams.


Why did BB stop selling them? they were universal and that is what i liked about them.

If you would like, I can take a picture of one I have here and show you how much to cut. You want to leave a bit of the body.

I don’t know why BB quit selling them Zina. I preferred theirs over all the others out there and they were perfect for so many sized dolls.

Gina, I would like to see also. I’m doing a berenguer that will need the neck piece. I ordered a couple nrck pieces from Spearsons. But, just in case they don’t fit, i’ll have to use the one from the torso. Thanks DEE

Hi Sandy. If you go to Euro Berenguer on the left side of the home page. It will take you to the baby with the body and price. Next to that on the right side, you’ll see optional neck piece $3.95 , click on that and you’ll see the neck pieces and prices. I ordered both sizes, just in case one didn’t fit. I don’t really like using the neck from the torso, because it seems to make it harder for the head to turn. If i have to i will , but i hope not. Hope all my rambling helped, DEE

Kelly, i have the same one here that your showing in the close up. I bought it from dollsbysandie. I think if i was to use it, i would feel safer gluing it in. Where do you put the glue, and what kind of glue do you recommend? DEE