Question about buying a reborn

So I ordered a reborn from an artist 3 months ago and the artist was supposed to be done with the list by Christmas/New Years and I bought all these cute Christmas clothes and still no baby. On artists list I see people who ordered their reborns after mine and they are getting sent home before mine. I’ve gotten very few updates about the reborn. I’m not sure what to do and if waiting 3 months is normal.


Was it a custom? In that case 3 months isn’t that odd. It is odd that others get their reborn before you do, but it may be something as simple as certain supplies being temporarily out of stock.
Maybe send the artist a message and ask about it?

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When I accept a custom order, I let the buyer know how far down on the list they are, for example, “You’ve got 3 others ahead of you, so I will have yours completed in March” or words to that effect then if they’re okay with it, I take the deposit. I also check in once I start painting with WIP pics so they can see how their baby is coming along. My customers never have to worry that I took their money and left the country…LOL.

Communication is very important, especially now, with all the scammers and fake babies and goings on in the reborn world.

I’d contact your artist and ask for WIP pics or at least a confirmation of your order or something so you feel better.


3 months isn’t uncommon but I would be upset if a certain finish date has come and gone if it was promised to be finished by then.

If I reach out what should I say to her! Should I ask for a time line? This is my first time ordering a reborn. I


Yes. I would def. ask for a date that you can expect your baby. You might also want to ask for progress pictures just to make sure she has started your reborn.


Did she give a finish date? Yes reach out to her. Just say your excited and wanted to know when you can expect your baby. If she doesnt respond back within a few days the I would reach out to her one more time and then if no response then file a claim for item not recieved with paypal. You only have 6 months to file for a refund I think.


Thank you. I will do that. She said that she should have the que (sp) done by Jan 1 at the latest and I was 3rd in line.

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I hope you will receive you baby very soon, however somehow the story sounds very familiar to what was posted before. I am not saying it’s the same artist, but when due date is 1/1/2020 and it was no communication, no WIP pictures, nothing for CUSTOM baby - it would be a red flag for me.
When you said you ‘ordered’ did you pay just non-refundable deposit or you paid the whole amount? And please don’t tell that you paid by Friends and Family.

I didn’t pay friends and family but I did pay the whole amount ahead of time.

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That’s good if you’ll decide to take your action with PayPal.
3 month if you were 3rd in line sound reasonable, especially if that artist have a full time job. So let’s think positive and I hope to see the pictures of your beautiful baby here very soon? Which sculpt did you pick?

Who is the artist you hired?

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Email her and if she does not answer within a week, just open PP case stating item not received. You should get your money back.