Question about Berenguers

For all you ladies who have done those adorable K-Mart Berenguers, how do you root those hard little heads? I looked at some at Wal-Mart yesterday. They do have a good selection for christmas, but oh my those heads are so hard. I’m tempted to buy one but I’m not so sure about rooting one.

I chickened out of rooting and just repainted her hair stroke by stroke like I would have painted an actual kit. I didn’t sand the grooves, I just painted them individuall as possibe in a darker shade to create some depth, and painted lighter shades in the rest of the layers. I had my doubts, but she was actually the first doll to sell at the show I did yesterday! But, I suppose you could heat the head with a blowdryer as you root to make it easier, or try a rice sock?

Oh DeAnna, could you post pictures of the painted hair you did in the Berenguer? I hope you took pictures of it before you sold it!

I have one to do and right now he is bald, but the painted hair sounds like fun for that one.

Yes please do post pictures! Because I was actually thinking that if I get one I just might paint hair rather than mess with heating the head and all. I bet he is cute!

Uh-oh! Now I’m on the spot! I kept this one simple with no eyelashes, and used the eyes BB has here that are on clearance. I even kept the original body. Ok, here goes…

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One more…
I wish now that I would have taken another pic of just the hair…

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heat them up with a rice sock and they get soft. I also use an extra strong rooting needle on them and with it you don’t have to heat the head.

What are these extra strong needles that don’t seem to break??

I’m in the process of rooting mine and haven’t had any issues (except the fact that I’m using needles I got really cheap which keep breaking, but that’s what happens I guess). The head gets really soft with the rice sock. I never remember the head collapsing so much when I rooted a BB kit.

DeAnnaB she is cute! No wonder she sold at your doll show. I love your siggy baby too. I did my Aubrey with red hair and green eyes too.

Thanks Foxmom! After I had her painted, she just couldn’t be anything BUT a redhead! My hubby says she looks like a combination of Carrot Top and Susan Boyle, but I think she’s cute!

Susan Boyle??? No way! Here is a pic of my red haired Aubrey.

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My first babies I made were Berenguers and I find the hair holds better in the harder heads. The rice sock works great.

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What are these extra strong needles that don’t seem to break??

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40g extra strong rooting needles. I used to buy them off Ebay from Humptysgal but she hasn’t listed there in a long time. I found her on DollFan, ID Rosiekins. She still sells them privately to members.

I wonder what makes them stronger? I tend to break or bend needles even on the soft vinyl. So I know I would break them on a berenguer.