Putting eyes in without sockets


I opened up one of my dolls to change the eyes out. The artist that reborn her completely cut off the back of the eyes. Now, I can’t get them to stay in place long enough for the glue to dry. I need some help!


Do you have moleskin to keep them in. Glue it well


I have a confession to make. I have no idea what Moleskine is



No worries. I didn’t either lol You can buy it at Walmart.


I opened the eyes on a closed eyed baby. I used half round acrylic eyes. I put glue around the edge of the socket. Then I held a magnet inside the eyeball while I put it in place and put another magnet on the outside of the eye to hold it in place until the glue dried. Then I removed the magnets. When the first one was done, I did the 2nd one. When they were both really dry, I added some glue around the edges on the inside as double security. When that was dry, I put strips of Dr Scholl’s Moleskin over the eyeball like this +, one strip at a time. I folded the moleskin back on itself, sticky side out and applied it to the center of the eyeball, pressing it down tightly along the edges of the eyeball. It was kind of a pain but it worked.


I did like @jeanhai but I used a small piece of puddy to hold it in place and a large round piece of moleskin.


Thank you both. I am going to get some moleskine tomorrow and try to fix her eyes that way. I currently have E6000 on them in an attempt to rebuild the socket a little, I am afraid that her eyes are still going to be slidey since the glue is not sticking to the glass. If I had known it was going to be this bad, I would not have changed her. She looks SO much better with blue eyes than brown. She is the Ellie Sue kit and her eyes are so narrow and deep-set anyways that I wanted a lighter color eye in there.


Haha me either!! I’m glad you made that statement.


Im doing Ellie Sue now and I left the flaps in but due to the nature of her vinyl they are pretty floppy and useless. Im going to use my new eye glue from RebornFX and moleskin.


Yeah, I kept thinking of that brand of little fancy notebooks even though I knew it wasn’t right :sweat_smile:


I literally think Of the the mole animals and their skin. Lol.


Redone Ellue Sue. Her eyes don’t seem realistic to me, but I love how the color pops!