Putting earrings on your baby?

Hi Leslie, I use little colored or clear stick on ones and I use gem tack glue to stick them on. If they fall of in time or the customer wants to change the color they can just peel them oof with their fingernail, wash thee glue off dry the ear and glue on another pair. Let dry for about 6 hours to make sure. I buy the multi colored packs of small stones that you can buy at Walmart or a craft store. People use these to bedazzled their purse, cell phones etc. Get the small ones. This way you never have to worry about poking holes in your dolls and your customers will love the fact that it will be so easy for them to change the earrings. Use a tooth pick to put a drop of the glue on. It dries clear.


Thanks :slight_smile: some good advice!

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