Purple Puppi and I just got wrecked

I just got rearended! Don’t worry, dollies and I are ok. They were in a carseat. Well, their boxes were sitting in the carseat. Lol. This is the second time I’ve been rearended by a teenager in 4 months! Bless her heart. Scared her bad.

OMGoodness! I am glad that everybody is ok! I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Lol I guess.
I’m glad she had insurance. I’ve been lucky. 3rd teenager to wreck me & they’ve all been insured.
She had a baby in the car which thankfully was strapped in her carseat. Her. Car got significantly more damage than mine. My hitch is now an “inny” instead of an “outie”

Oh no, I’m glad you are okay. I was rearended about 2 months ago…not fun. =/

Oh my, I hope you are okay. sometimes symptoms have a way of showing up later on. Take care of yourself.

Oh I am so glad you are alright!!

Thanks girls! I am great. Barely felt it. I drive a big suv. She was in a 1990 Pontiac sunbird. Her grill and my hitch got intimate.
I have a lot of neck damage from another wreck & it didn’t show up for 6 months but this was really nothing. It’s their necks I think would hurt. They made quite an abrupt stop.

That’s nice of you Sarah. Some people can be so mean. I’m guilty of it occasionally if you get me riled. But why kick someone when they’re down right?
You know, I’ve been hit so much i didn’t even get the shakes. Just told her what she needed to know. Let her dad check her car to see if it was driveable, gave her my info & explained how the claim process worked, took her info, checked purple puppi & headed on home. Lol.
I think puppi got scared though. You should see her hair. Lol.

I was rear ended by a teenager, with no insurance, nothing happened to my big hulk of a van, his car was crunched but drivable. He didn’t want to exchange insurance… because he didn’t have any. At least he was honest about that. I told him nothing was wrong with my car so not to worry about it, plus I was in a hurry. About an hour later my neck and back started to kill me. Stupid me for not at least getting his name, address and phone number. I suffered for about a month. Take care of yourself

Poor dolls to get scared like that. Glad you were okay.

glad to hear you’re ok Nicole

oh my goodness…i’m so glad you didn’t get hurt…,oh and the babies…lol…i do hope you swapped insurance…and called the police…damage to you and your car can show up days later…
glad to hear you was in an SUV sorry for the otherones car…just shows you that ppl need to pay more attention when their driving…

I wonder if she was texting.

Glad you are OK.

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My hitch is now an “inny” instead of an “outie”

— End quote

About 5 years ago I rolled my car 3 1/2 times. Signed the papers, drove it 2 blocks then went flying:) My arm had road rash for months as somehow it was out the window. I crawled out the window as I was upside down on glass. God was really looking our for me as I usually had my granddaughter who was a year old or so at the time, she never would have survived. I was the 10th accident in the same area as the city let the limbs hang over a yield sign. I had never been on this street before, taking the back roads as the state fair was in town and didn’t want to wreck my gorgeous new car! After my hubby realized I was okay, he just said “If you didn’t like the color you could have just told me, not total it”!! So we had it a total of about 5 minutes! Thank God we had insurance!!

And glad you are okay, it sometimes really jars your body!

OMGosh Murrie! SCARYYYY! thank God you were okay! What a blessing! That sounds like something my husband would say lol.

Thank you guys for all the concern. It was really nothing. I just got tickled that I didn’t have kids in the car so my first thought was "Puppi!"
lol. That’s kind of odd.