Puppy prayers needed 🐶


Thanks ladies. :confused:


Oh I’m so sorry for your loss!! My heart is very heavy for your families difficult time. So sorry !! But I did the best you could and gave him all the love he needed and comfort as well! That something he would not have gotten if he was treated elsewhere!! I even though it’s hard I hope you find little comfort in knowing he was well cared for and very much loved at home!


I’m so sorry for you guys. The pictures with the baby show us what a sweet pup you lost :frowning:


I’m so sorry about your dog. That is so sad.


He was an amazing puppy! Besides being an excellent pet. He was a natural hunter. My husband was so excited, he’s an avid hunter. Our other dog is the best dog ever, but he’s gun shy. He hides when he sees a gun. The puppy wasn’t bothered by guns at all. The very first walk we went on with him, he found an injured bird and brought it straight to my husband. He was a natural. He loved to “work” and he loved to “play” and he knew when it was time to do both.


It sounds like he was on track to be a great bird dog.


So sorry :frowning:


I’m so sorry for your loss… :cry:


I was cheering him on. This is putting a nail in my heart. I’d adopted him across the country and been praying for him.


I am sorry for the loss of your fur baby. Your family gave everything you could. Safe travels Gambel you are missed by all!


Heartbreaking. I am so sorry for you and your family.


I am so sorry to hear that. :cry:


I’m so sorry he didn’t make it. RIP little guy.


I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved puppy. I can imagine you are heart broken, he looked like a wonderful friend. Bless you for trying to save him. He was loved.


Just wondering if Astro is OK? Although 3 days is bit short for incubation period and it is possible Gambel already had the virus when Astro came for visit. In that case Astro might have caught it from Gambel.


Astro is fine. He had parvo at 6 weeks old, right after my daughter and son in law got him. That was over 4 years ago. My husband swears Gambel got it from him. But everything I’ve ever heard is a dog can only carry it for 2 years. Astro has been around soooo many other puppies, including our other puppies 3 years ago. No other dog has gotten sick from him. Also, Gambel got sick 2 days after Astro got here. It just doesn’t make sense to me for Astro to have spread it. All I can think of is their landlord borrowed their steam cleaner to clean their gym. They also own a vets office. I think they used it to clean the vets office too and got parvo germs in it. Then they brought the steam cleaner back to Sierrah. She cleaned her carpets the day we came to help them move. We brought her baby Achilles back with us Sunday. They followed Monday with Astro. If the steam cleaner had parvo in it, it would have been easy for Achilles to get it onto his stuffed animals and clothes. And as you can see by the pics, Gambel was all over Achilles. Also, I borrowed the steam cleaner to clean up after Gambel. When I got it, I had to clean it out. It was full of long white and gray dog hair…obviously not from a Doberman. So the landlord obviously used it on an area with dogs. :confused:


And we live way out in the middle of nowhere. We have never had parvo out here and Gambel hasn’t left our property since we got him. No stray dogs have come along. And he’s only outside when we take him outside. Unless a coyote or something left it on our property, I don’t know how he could have gotten it here.


I do not think steam cleaner can harbor the virus, it gets destroyed by heat. Coyote could have it. Forget about Astro having it 4 years ago, I do not think it has anything to do with it. But unless he has been vaccinated since he can have it again. He could have picked it up somewhere. Of-course, that is if it was parvo. Did Gambel pass blood and worms before he died? My vet told me that all the dogs/pups that he treated and who died passed worms before they died. He wondered if it was that the worms were in some way connected. Either that pups that were not properly wormed (like given insufficient dose) were weakened or the worms irritated the bowls and make the virus easier to get into bloodstream.


Im so sorry…at first I was under the impression that he was doing better when you said he was drinking by himself. Poor guy and poor you :frowning: